Av Media Systems Leading The Way Again Aqualink Box Hill Aquatic & Recreation Centre Project Whitehorse City Council

Aqualink BOX HILL

AV Media Systems, leaders in the Fitness and Recreation industry, have proudly completed their part in this $30 million redevelopment. Originally established in the 1970’s, and a cornerstone of the Box Hill community, the original Aquatic Centre has been under re-development since 2011 and reached completion in December, 2013.

Providing a fabulous, new recreation and community hub for its 650,000 annual patrons, and the latest facilities in health, fitness and leisure, this incredible local facility now consists of a massive 700m² Gymnasium, a three-court Indoor Sports Stadium, five swimming pools (including a warm water therapy pool), an indoor 25 metre pool, a diving pool, an outdoor pool (with terraced heating), as well as an expansive Café, a Lounge, and state-of-the-art Reception Centre.


AV Media Systems was awarded the contract to complete the Audio Visual fit-out of the Aqualink Project, by the Whitehorse City Council.

Specifications included the supply and installation of state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, to engage fitness patrons in a new and innovative way, with a new audio visual system installed across the various functions of the Centre, including:

  • Numerous screens in the Reception area to present information displays, as well as digital signage
  • An audio visual fit-out of the Lounge area
  • The integration of audio and visuals (including lighting) in the Group Fitness Rooms
  • Entertainment displays on the Gym floor
  • Audio in the main indoor stadium
  • CCTV for surveillance around the Centre
AquaLink Shop Audio Loop System Basketball Cardio Room EBoard Touchscreen Outdoor Pool Indoor Pools Outdoor Speaker Camera Reception Speaker Pendent Spin Room



The Reception areas were fitted with multiple screens providing Aqualink class timetables and information, café menu specials and information, news and updates, as well as general entertainment.

In addition to this, a revolutionary new e-board (an interactive touch screen) was installed, that allows patrons to search for specific information with just the touch of a button. Inclusive of class times and schedules, stadium times, instructor information, lane availability, children’s programs, and much more, this board sits adjacent to an interactive kiosk that can provide additional information.


Four Group Fitness spaces (including the permanent state-of-the-art spin room with more than 40 bikes) were fitted with a high tech audio visual system, including synchronizing lighting with music.

The walls of these spaces now feature large, inspiring images, creating an atmosphere that supports all round health and well-being.


The Gymnasium space contains multiple screens, and a PA and audio system, to provide entertainment and information to patrons whilst they participate in their recreational activities.

The Lounge common area was, also, outfitted with a screen to provide family members and guests with a space to relax and unwind.

Chris Kiskiras (Director of AV Media Systems) adds, "With over 14 years of experience specialising in the field of innovative customized design, installation, and services, for the Leisure and Recreation industry, we’ve proudly completed numerous large projects similar to Aqualink. We’re committed to challenging the industry with exciting technological advances and to opening opportunities for our clients, and their patrons, to enjoy the very best available audio visual equipment. As professionals with a nationally recognized reputation for leading the way, AV Media Systems has once again made a difference in a changing world, that is both exciting and inspiring people to enhance their fitness and health, in communities around Australia."

  • 1x 65" Interactive LED Touch Screen
  • OneLan Digital Signage System
  • IP MATV System
  • State of the art audio system in the Spin, Cardio Fitness room, and Weights room
  • Background music throughout the centre, utilising in-ceiling speakers, and pendant speakers
  • Paging audio system throughout the centre
  • Audio speakers in the indoor and outdoor pool areas
  • 15 LCD screens incorporating the MATV and Digital Signage System.

We congratulate the Whitehorse City Council on their bold and inspirational vision in bringing the Aqualink Project to fruition.